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Tyler Bates Talks Watchmen Soundtrack

Zack Snyder Taps “300” Composer to Score His Watchmen Comic Adaptation

Movie soundtrack composer Tyler Bates gave an exclusive interview with Bates talks about his composing work process, some of his latest film scores, and give us an inside look at what he has planned for the soundtrack of the upcoming Watchmen movie. Here's a excerpt from the interview...

Well, I'm not a comic guy, but of course I read it when I knew he was making it, but not until '300' was done and not until he asked me to do it. I thought it was really great. I love the characters and I love Rorschach, and they just sent me the script a couple weeks ago and I read it and thought, "Wow, this is a fantastic adaptation of this book."I didn't know how they could possibly condense that book, but you know what, people thought that about "300" as well. There were people trying to make "300" and there were several versions floating around town and they couldn't make it."

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