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The UK’s Times Online was at last weekend’s Movie-Con covering the Dave Gibbons Q&A session and the big Watchmen “super trailer” that was shown to its drooling attendees.

Covering the events was Times Online writer Michael Moran who reports that Gibbons has seen a 2 hour, 45 minute rough assembly of what Gibbons describes a “very sexy, very violent” movie which he expects will receive an 18 certificate rating in the UK.

The highlight of the Gibbons Q&A session was the so-called “super trailer,” introduced on tape by director Zack Snyder, which Moran described as “a 10 minute assembly of shots from Watchmen with an orchestral soundtrack.” He also described a visual treat that viewers of the recent San Deigo Comic-Con footage didn’t get to see:

One striking scene in the new 'super-trailer' that didn't seem familiar from the original comic was a sequence where Dr.Manhattan confronts a gang of armed hoodlums in a speakeasy and makes them 'go away' before they can pulll the triggers on their tommy guns.

This must be a flashback scene during the time period in the comic series which, at the U.S. Government's request, Dr. Manhattan embarked on a crime fighting career.

We had an opportunity to ask Moran some questions about the event via email to see if he could shed some more light on some of the things he covered in his story.

I was briefly introduced to [Dave Gibbons] after the Q&A. He says he LOVES the movie... His enthusiasm was infectious. I came out of there thinking that this movie might be the most perfect adaptation possible of this 'unfilmable' book.

Moran dished some other interesting tidbits which Gibbons shared with the writer:

Some interesting details from my notes that didn't appear in my final article were Dave Gibbons says that he and Alan Moore still talk, but never about Watchmen. Gibbons was a little worried that Heroes had 'eaten Watchmen's lunch,' but then Zack Snyder told him, 'Only Watchmen can eat Watchmen's lunch.' And that there will, of course, be no Watchmen sequel, however Gibbons is bullish about movie adaptations of his comic's creations The Originals or Martha Washington next.

An Empire Online video showing highlights from the event shows Dave Gibbons addressing the crowd after the “super trailer” was shown:

I think if you like that you will like the completed movie… Zack has been very true to the kind of detail and the kind of visions of it as well. But in the actual cut of the movie, the structure is very much intact, the story is very, very close to what was in the original graphic novel.

If you’re jonesing for more Dave Gibbons, stay tuned to this site for an exclusive fan Q&A with the Watchmen co-creator who will talk more about the upcoming movie as well as what is was like to work with Alan Moore on the seminal comic series.

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