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In a recent interview with IGN AU, acclaimed Mexican director Guillermo del Toro delivered his musings on Zack Snyder’s comic to screen adaptation of Watchmen.

Interestingly, it turns out that del Toro was originally offered the job of directing the film, but turned it down.

You know, at one point or another, Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin asked me if I wanted to do The Watchmen and I just couldn't get my head around The Watchmen being two or three hours long. I always thought that the series depended on almost-miniseries build-up.

Maybe we have a bit of a language barrier here, or maybe I’m a bit of a fanboy snob, but anyone who calls it “The Watchmen,” not once, but twice, cannot be that big a fan of the series. To be honest, it almost seems that he’s repeating what he heard Terry Gilliam say a while back about the necessity for a multiple chapter translation to tell the story properly.

Plus del Toro explained that he was asked if he was interested. Asking does not a formal job offer make.

Later in the interview, del Toro did praise the trailer’s faithful screen recreation of the legendary comic series:

I think Zack Snyder is a brilliant visual creator and everything in the trailer seems right - if not completely dead-on. To be absolutely honest, I even got a little bit of a geekgasm.

So Snyder’s Watchmen gave del Toro a “geekgasm” and Kevin Smith a “joygasm.” Somebody get a mop.

8.19.08 Source: IGN

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