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I can’t believe what a media feeding frenzy the FOX Watchmen rights lawsuit has created. If you’re not familiar with the case, you can read this article, or, if you’re a real glutton for punishment, wade through all of the legal documents.

A lot has happened in the past few days, so let me give you a recap of all of the highlights before I chime in on my opinion on the whole sordid matter.

So one of the biggest stories revolving around the lawsuit are articles reporting Watchmen fan outrage and how they are ready to retaliate against FOX and even boycott all FOX movies until they drop the suit.

In fact explained that they received “so many emails from outraged fans” that they spearheaded a “Boycott FOX” petition. For what it’s worth, this site hasn’t received any emails of this type.

Some Watchmen fans over at have even proposed engaging in some illegal activity to hurt FOX by damaging the studio’s Wolverine movie by making video recordings of the film and posting them up on the Internet for illegal download. Even’s wily Watchmen fan “Wyatt” proclaimed he wants to vandalize FOX movie posters to illustrate his anger at the media giant. Sorry, but, in my opinion, those ideas are just plain stupid and most certainly will not accomplish anything constructive.

Asked for a response to the fan uproar, a FOX spokesman told in a statement:

Of course we are concerned about the fans; however, any disappointment from the core fans should not be directed toward Fox. What we are doing is seeking to enforce our distribution rights to Watchmen. Legal copyright ownership should not just be swept under the rug and ignored.

As far as all of this “fan outrage” that’s being reported on, there isn’t much of that going on here with the community of fans on this site. Sure, most of them are annoyed at the FOX lawsuit and a few are concerned that it could harm the film in some way, but the general consensus is that, if FOX wins, WB will pay them off and the movie will be released on time.

To be honest, the fans that represent themselves on this site seem more concerned about the film’s running time, which WB has been pressuring director Zack Snyder to trim. The petition to save Zack’s 3 hour cut now has over 4,300 signatures whereas the one to boycott FOX, which has received a considerably higher amount of press attention, has just over 1,000.

Personally, I think a petition to boycott FOX is futile. In fact, what if FOX’s case is legit? I’m no legal expert, but it’s absolutely possible that FOX may have a valid claim and it’s up to the judge to decide if they’re in the right or not — not the fans. Like many others who have chimed in on this case, I for one believe the situation will be resolved, probably with millions of WB dollars passing over to FOX. Bottom line — we will get our Watchmen movie come March.

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