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Doomsday Clock Ticking for Watchmen Film Production?

Rush to beat impending talent strikes forces studios to speed production; may cause some super hero films to be made badly or not at all.

A story on is reporting that an upcoming labor dispute might mean big trouble for the glut of super hero movies on Hollywood rosters.

The studios' contracts with the Screen Actors Guild and Directors Guild of America expire June 30, and their deal with the Writers Guild of America runs out this October.

To beat the strike deadlines, the studios must start filming by March 1. While some high-profile projects are coming together quickly, other prominent movies must clear logistical, financial and political hurdles to move forward.

Aside from Watchmen, the other big super hero movies in production or being planned that may be affected include a Superman Returns sequel, Justice League of America, and Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight.


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