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Best Watchmen Promo Item Ever

I recently got my hands on what I personally think is the best damn Watchmen movie promo item ever. Let me describe it to you and you can decide for yourself if you think I'm exaggerating.

It consists of 12 folders inside a black slipcase with the yellow Watchmen logo on it — not unlike the ubiquitous tome Absolute Watchmen.

Each folder has a cover design that is an homage to (and often an exact duplicate) of the cover art of the original twelve issue series. The only difference is that the images are not illustrations, but photographic reproductions of their comic counterparts. All I can say is they look very cool.

Each of these twelve folders contains a promo item of its own, so this single promo item is like twelve promo items in one — and then some.

Here's what you will find inside these folders:

Was I right? And, believe me, everything in this promo item looks absolutely beautiful. My hat's off to the design team who pulled this thing together.

Now if you're looking to get one of your own you might have a tough time finding one. Each one of the sets is hand numbered out of a limited edition of 1,000, so they're going to be very scarce. Keep your eyes peeled on Ebay and you might get lucky.

I'm not sure if the individual who gave me mine wants me to drop his name, so I won't. Let's just say he's somebody close to the production. And although I've thanked him before, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him again — immensely.

Now, here are some photos I took of this colossal press kit to make you drool — if you're not drooling already…

Watchmen movie UK press kit slipcase

All twelve press kit folders

Watchmen movie timeline

Watchmen character biographies

Rorschach's biography

Watchmen movie teaser poster

Watchmen character postcards

Watchmen movie badges

Dave Gibbons pencil signed lithograph

Close up of the Rorschach lithograph

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