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Watchmen Cast is “Training” in Vancouver

Interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, slated to play The Comedian, talks about getting ready to shoot and what he knows about the story

Apparently the cast of Watchmen is already in Vancouver, getting ready for shooting which begins on September 17th.

It seems a reporter for cornered actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian) and grilled him for a few minutes.

Dean explained that the he was in training for the film (most likely practicing falling backwards out of a plate glass window) and that he and his fellow cast mates were “on a very regimented diet and workout program.”

When asked about details on what we could expect from Zack Snyder's film adaptation, he explained that he was “being kept in the dark about what is actually going on with the production.” He did say that audiences could expect a film adaptation that was “pretty close to the book.”


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