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Dublin Rocker Almost Cast as Rorschach

Lead singer of the Frames and star of Once turned down role

As a minor footnote in a Times Online interview with Ireland rock singer turned actor Glen Hansard, the musician give his interviewer some insight on a big Hollywood role he turned down recently.

“There was one particular offer that I got, and turned down, that was amazing. I really can’t talk about it, but it was a graphic novel adaptation, shooting in Vancouver, and I got offered the redheaded part. I turned it down because I needed to stay out there, and keep fighting for Once, to make sure it has a life.”

The author of the article mistakenly states that the role offered was that of The Comedian, but its obvious that Hansard was talking about the role of Rorschach, since that is the only “redheaded” character in the story.

Source: Times Online

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