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Watchmen “Christmas Party” Scene Filmed

Mysterious scene with “Andy Warhol” shot last week in Vancouver

According to a Canadian movie news blog, shooting began for Zack Snyder's film adaptation of Watchmen on September 5th. They also posted photos of of a scene that was shot on September 6th in downtown Vancouver.

The location was a walk-up studio on Beatty Street, north of Dunsmuir, for an interior sequence, circa 1975 of an ‘Andy Warhol’ factory Christmas Party, complete with an array of wild looking characters including ‘Truman Capote’ and ‘Hitler’…

The interesting part is that the scene that is described is not in Alex Tse’s early script draft, which is available for download on our Movie Scripts page. To see photos of the September 6th Vancouver shoot, head to the Movie Photos page of


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