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Exclusive JFK Photos from Watchmen Movie Set

Billy Cruddup suits up as Dr. Manhattan and meets JFK and family on the second day of shooting for the Watchmen film

An anonymous source on the set of Watchmen, which was filming at Vancouver’s Nat Bailey Stadium on September 8th, snapped a few photos and sent us some details of what happened during the shoot that day. The filming was of a flashback scene from the graphic novel of Dr. Manhattan meeting President JFK on the porch of the White House.

Our source tells us that actor Billy Cruddup was there, suited up, as the blue super hero Dr. Manhattan. The shoot consisted of Cruddup shaking hands with the look-alike actor playing JFK in front of a green screen while look-alike Jackie, Caroline and JFK Jr. stood close by. Cruddup’s costume consisted of a suit with white gloves and a piece that covered his hair that “lit up with blue LEDs.” The LED covered gear is most likely motion capture equipment used to aid in adding special effects during post production.

And what about director Zack Snyder? Well our source reports that “the actors and everyone on set really seems to like him.” Good for you, Zack!

According to our source later that day they filmed a scene at the Vancouver Art Gallery downtown, and at some point in the future they will be filming a JFK assassination scene.

Our exclusive photos show the look-alike actors who are cast in the roles of JFK, Jackie and a young JFK Jr. during last minute make-up and costume preparations before the shoot. To see all of the behind the scenes photos of the September 8th JFK shoot, and the panel of the graphic novel showing the scene they shot, head to the Movie Photos page of


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