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The Watchmen Chronicles

Those of you who have been following the latest Watchmen movie news know about the FOX lawsuit claiming Warner Bros. never legally retained the rights for the film. But, in case you’re not aware, the current legal troubles are just the latest speedbump in the rocky road to turn the greatest comic book of all time into a movie.

It all started in 1986 when producer Larry Gordon acquired film rights to Watchmen for 20th Century Fox. They got Batman screenwriter Sam Hamm to adapt a screenplay when Alan Moore turned them down. Thankfully, Hamm’s hatchet job of a screenplay luckily never saw celluloid as FOX put the project into turnaround, which is sort of like movie limbo, back in 1991.

The film then proceeded to bounce around a few Hollywood studios for several years with new scripts being penned now and then — but the movie just couldn’t seem to get off the ground. The list of Hollywood heavyweights once attached to the project includes Terry Gilliam, Joel Silver, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Greengrass, David Hayter, Jude Law, and Darren Aronofsky just to name a few.

Recently, in an interview with, director Darren Aronofsky discussed how he got assigned to helm the project.

Watchmen… I was on Watchmen for a week. I was literally on it for a week. David Hayter wrote a fuckin amazing script. I mean, he really caught it. Zack Snyder’s Trailer looks fucking great. I can not wait, couldn’t believe it. But literally I was on for a week. They said were you interested? I said yeah. We set it up at Paramount in a meeting. And then they said, let’s hire a production designer and this was literally when Hugh Jackman had just come on and the Fountain thing was going.

Aronofsky was tied to the film back in 2004 when Paramount took a crack at making a Watchmen movie using a script written by X-Men screenwriter David Hayter. In fact, Hayter’s script was used as starting off point for final screenplay of the current incarnation of the Watchmen film.

Aronofsky went on to explain that his involvement in Watchmen was so brief that he shouldn't even be credited with ever being involved in the project at all.

So I was like, “Guys, I’m about to shoot The Fountain. You know, we can hire a designer but I’m going to be shooting this movie while that’s happening.” Then they quickly put Paul Greengrass on it. So I had very little to do with the project. I wish they would remove my name from [Watchmen] because I never really got involved.

Director Paul Greengrass held the baton briefly until 2006, when Zack Snyder grabbed it with Warner Bros. producing. Well, you know the rest from there.

So, lets all pray that all of this choas will finally come to an end soon. Here’s to this bullshit FOX lawsuit buisness going away fast so we can have Watchmen hit theaters in March 2009 — finally.

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