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Seth Green Gazes Into the Abyss

Everyone knows who Seth Green is. He’s the voice of Chris on Family Guy, Dr. Evil’s son in the Austin Powers movies, and the creator of the bizarre Cartoon Network show Robot Chicken.

If you’ve seen Robot Chicken, you know how big a sci-fi and comics fan the diminutive actor is, so it's no surprise that he would have loved the chance to play everyone’s favorite masked vigilante in the upcoming Watchmen film.

I would have tried to pull off Rorschach… But I probably don’t have the height for it… I can be 5'6" with lifts, so maybe.

I for one am glad Green didn't get the role. Any commitment that might prevent him from making Without a Paddle II just isn’t worth it in my opinion. Green also discussed what appeals to him about Rorschach’s character and gave his opinion on the watershed comic series.

Rorschach is not cute… His character was all about duality and giving up human emotions and becoming this vigilante antihero. He’s a very complicated character. I just love that book… It’s so revolutionary. And it was one of the first times that it treated superheroes with such gravity, and really got into the public sentiment surrounding them. That’s what gave rise to ‘Identity Crisis’ and everything that came after. Everything that is relevant in comics was spawned from ‘Watchmen,’ and that’s why it’s such a touchstone.

Green also chimed on on the pending FOX lawsuit, explaining that he hopes that “all this political B.S.” doesn’t “tie up” the movie from being released in March.

I’ve been waiting more than 15 years for this movie… It’ll be like the comic, but bigger. I’m very, very excited to see that.

Green wasn't the only actor this week commenting on movie rights battle. While doing the press junket for his upcoming film Lakeview Terrace, Patrick Wilson, who dons the cowl of Nite Owl II in the Watchmen movie, had a few choice comments on the case. Wilson told reporters that the movie will most definitely be released on time, explaining, “You're going to see it. Come on.” Apparently Lakeview Terrace co-star Kerry Washington, as well as all of the reporters who were there, also agreed with Wilson’s sentiments.

9.16.08 Source: MTV, Cinema Blend

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