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New Book Chronicles Entire Watchmen Timeline

Yes. I'm still alive and this website is still active. I know, it has been years since I have posted an article, but let's be honest... not much has been going on in the Watchmen world worth reporting. Sure, I could have posted more about Before Watchmen, or the rumors of a new Watchmen television series, or even the recent teased connection with Watchmen and DC's Rebirth. Why haven't I? The truth is, none of that stuff really excited me.

Watching Time: The Unofficial Watchmen Chronology

So why am I posting now? Well, there is a new book getting released very soon form Hasslein Books that has me very excited! Since Watchmen's release back in 1986 (it's actually Watchmen's 30th anniversary this year) others have - with quite a bit of disdain from some fans - dipped back into the comic's dystopian universe on more than a few occasions. These incarnations include the film adaptation (that moved me to create this website), role-playing books, prequel comics, and multiple video games. Now, one man has single-handedly dove head first into all of that material to give fans a comprehensive chronology of all of the events that have made up this broad tapestry of a universe. And that man is Rich Handley.

Watching Time: The Unauthorized Watchmen Chronology literally lists every character, every date, and every event that has ever been created in every incarnation of the Watchmen universe. It boasts a detailed history encapsulating every known event from all corners of the Watchmen franchise, a gallery showcasing nearly 250 covers from the Watchmen comics, trade-paperback collections, DVDs, Blu-rays, reference books, and video game, original essays, and much more.

Rich was even gracious enough to to give me a preview draft of the book to get my opinion and insight on what he did, and all I can say is I was very impressed. He literally covers everything. This book is an absolute essential for any fan who needs to know all of the whats, whens, and whos of the Watchmen universe. Rich was also kind enough to share with me that our website and forum were quintessential in his comprehensive research for the book. Sweet.

Excited? Want to see more? Well, it just so happens the nice folks at Hasslein Books have given us an exclusive excerpt! Inside that download you will get the complete table of contents, the introduction by author Rich Handley, six pages of the timeline, a sample of the cover gallery, and more.

Want to buy the book? Head on over to the book's page on the Hasslein Books website for news on the book's release, and where to buy a copy.

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