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Rorschach Makes Top 50 DC Characters List

Everyone’s favorite masked vigilante beats two Green Lanterns and many other well known comic book favorites

Comic Book Resources has been releasing the Top 50 DC and Top 50 Marvel characters based on user polls they have conducted recently.

The Watchmen’s Rorschach placed in at 17 on the DC list above classic DC mainstays like Catwoman and two separate Flash and Green Lantern incarnations.

Rorschach even managed to edge out fellow Alan Moore created character Swamp Thing who placed in at 34 in a tie with “gonzo” journalist, Spider Jerusalem.

Here is what one individual who rated Rorschach as his number one pick had to say:

The last [Watchmen] scene with Rorschach is one of the best character scenes I’ve seen in super-hero comics. He tears off his mask (his “face”) as he’s goading Dr. Manhattan to kill him. He’s struggling with the fact that he can’t accept Veidt’s solution, but he can’t really assail it, either. Moore has said in interviews that he’s not sure why he had Rorschach remove the mask there, but that it just felt right. I’ve always thought that, since he finally faced a moral dilemma that he couldn’t resolve, he felt that he couldn’t be Rorschach any more, so he removed the mask. And, since Kovacs couldn’t be Rorschach, he got Manhattan to kill him. That was the end result of his black-and-white view of the world. It’s a heartbreaking scene - this merciless character can’t even extend mercy to himself.

He added that Rorschach is “one of the coolest-looking super-heroes ever.”

As of the posting of this article, Comic Book Resources has not posted the top 15 characters on their list. Obviously number one will be either Batman or Superman. The real question is, does Dr. Manhattan have the fan base to make it into the top 15?


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