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Malin Akerman Talks Watchmen

Actress discusses her role as Silk Spectre II in upcoming film adaptation

Malin Akerman, who stars in the latest Farrelly Brothers’ comedy The Heartbreak Kid, coming out on October 5th recently talked about preparing for her role as the Silk Spectre II in the upcoming film adaptation of the graphic novel Watchmen.

Although the interview is not particularly long, there were a few interesting points Akerman made about the film which might bring optimism to some mainstream fans who are worried about whether director Zack Snyder’s adaptation will remain true to novel.

First she mentions that the script is “really, really, really well written.” Something fans have been worried about after some early drafts that were leaked on the Web drew some very harsh criticisms.

She also mentions that the only scenes that she knows of that will be filmed using green screen are the ones that take place on Mars. Most fans will likely see this as good news as well since writer Alan Moore’s atypical super hero tale is more story and character driven, than action driven.


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