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The Legacy of Nite Owl

We have heard Patrick Wilson discuss the Nite Owl character before, and even got his take on the masked hero’s sexuality. But in a new interview, the actor gives us some more of his insight on what it was like preparing for the role.

I did all my homework and became a huge fan of the comic. My buddy always fills me in on what this means to the comic world. I knew before I even met with [director] Zack [Snyder] that I was walking on hallowed ground.

I was lucky enough to get a great interview with Patrick Wilson during my visit to the set (which I hope I’ll be allowed to post one day) so I know how seriously he was taking this role. We all know by now that Wilson packed on twenty pounds to play Dan Dreiberg, but to Wilson, the character was never a “fat guy.”

His physicality I was always completely conscious of. The drawing of him looking so sad and very dumpy with slumping shoulders…that’s very informative to me. When the guy takes his shirt off that’s not a fat dude. That’s a big dude who maybe got soft but he’s not just a big tub. It’s funny some people have a different interpretation of that. And I keyed into Alan Moore likening him to a soldier coming back from a war and feeling lost, not knowing his place in society. I was like, that I can dig into.

Wilson also commented on what his audition experience was like. Now, his story isn’t as bizarre as Matthew Goode’s audition tale, but it shows how much director Zack Snyder wanted the actor in the role.

I went with Zack and the actor Nicky Katt. I got Nicky to come in and read Rorschach. So me and Nick and Zack talked in a room. Zack wanted the studio to trust his judgment so he was like, ‘Let’s make a great audition tape here and I’ll say, see!’ It actually happened pretty easily.

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