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Watchmen Taps Scientific Expert

Author to consult on the upcoming Watchmen film adaptation

According to Pharyngula blog, Jim Kalakios, author of The Physics of Superheroes, is doing consulting work for the Watchmen movie. Part of the blog reads:

All I know is that Jim promises that it is excellent and true to the graphic novel. And as a fellow follower of the Code of the Thin Tweed Line, he cannot lie to a fellow academic. This will be something to look forward to.

Kalakios’ book covers the basic points in a first-level college physics course, but uses super heroes and their feats to explain the scientific principles.

I assume he was hired to help explain the powers of Dr. Manhattan, since this is the only character in the Watchmen story with extraordinary super powers that manipulate the laws of physics.

Kalakios might be helping Snyder and the effects team work out the details of how some of the Doc’s powers might operate as well as look on screen.


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