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Watchmen Hits the Runway

Magazine uses Rorschach and other comic book heroes in fashion spread

Rorschach selling raincoats and fedoras? Sounds odd, but that’s what you’ll see if you pick up the October issue of Complex magazine.

Fashion director Anoma Whittaker and creative director Sean Bumgarner re-created scenes from four different comic books and brought them to life with real models, each styled in some of this fall’s men’s fashions.

What we were inspired by was very literal. Being a young men’s magazine, we’re very influenced by graphic art, and we went deeper into graphic novels and comic-book movies. We were going for a feeling of the gritty, dark, underworld with a stylistic, slick approach with the fashion brands. This spread was a great way to show the trends and show fashion but to do it using another entry point. The clothes and the scenarios were perfect matches.

Along with DC Comics’s Watchmen, the spread also includes scenes from Marvel Comics’s Daredevil as well as Vertigo’s Preacher and 100 Bullets. You can take a look at three of the magazine spreads over at the Fashion Week Daily Dispatch Web site.

Source: Fashion Week Daily Dispatch

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