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Watchmen, 300 cinematographer lauded by Variety as one of “10 Cinematographers to Watch.”

They are the unsung heroes of the film industry. Their creative vision and guidance is equally important to that of the director, yet they’re seldom given any credit for a film’s success.

But now, Variety has announced their list of “10 Cinematographers to Watch,” and on it is our very own Watchmen cinematographer Larry Fong.

Fong, who is best know for his work on 300, Zack Snyder’s most recent graphic novel adaptation, told Variety that on Watchmen, his approach will be very different.

Although 'Watchmen' is also based on a graphic novel, it is not going to have the image manipulated in the same way as '300,' " Fong says. "We are trying to push the envelope visually, but there isn't an overall 'look' per se.

Fong has also worked on several episodes of Lost, a television series that has borrowed many concepts and theme’s from Alan Moore’s Watchmen graphic novel.

Some of the other names that made it onto Variety’s cinematographers list are Eric Gautier, Henry Braham, and Tim Fleming.


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