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Exclusive Mason Auto Repair Photos

Early location photos from Watchmen shoot in New Westminster show Nite-Owl I’s digs

Zack Snyder and crew were setting up for a November 2nd location shoot in New Westminster Canada, and WatchmenComicMovie’s Katie was there to snap some photos and get some details.

She took some great shots (all of which can be seen from our Movie Photos page) of the front of an old auto repair shop being used for the residence and place of business of retired “mask” Hollis Mason, aka Nite-Owl I, played by Stephen McHattie.

The photos show the faded exterior painted with the familiar “Mason Auto Repair” as well as a large yellow crane that will be used for rain and lighting effects for exterior filming happening tonight and well after midnight

Katie also grabbed a PA to see what else she could find out, including asking about actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan; he answered…

He's not in either of the scenes [tonight]. He's a really nice guy though and he looks great as The Comedian. Actually everyone looks really good, nothing looks cheesey. Even the scenes from the 40s look really good.

The two scenes the PA is likely referring to are a scene from the beginning of the graphic novel where Dan Dreiberg, aka Nite-Owl II, played by Patrick Wilson visits his old friend, and a scene where a violent gang of “knot-tops” burst into Mason’s apartment and attack him.

The PA also confirmed that the week of November 5th they will be shooting scenes at The Old Terminal Pub in New Westminster including one where “Rorschach beats up some guy.” Very cool.


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