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A Look at the Watchmen “War Room”

Pre-production meeting room photos posted on official WB movie web site

Warner Bros. has turned the official movie web site from the “placeholder” site to a full-fledged Zack Snyder production blog.

Not much new to see there with exception of a glimpse into the “war room.”

Don’t get too excited. Its pretty much photos of Zack and crew pointing at what are likely exciting production images posted all over the walls. Too bad they’re all blurry or too far away to make anything out.

One shot does show some very blurry colored sketches of the heroes costumes, which appear to have been updated for the film.

There is also some commentary by Zack Snyder to go along with the photos that give some insight to the room's purpose and how everyone works there:

One of the things I love about the graphic novel is the incredible attention to detail. Here in the war room, we have created a place where all the departments can combine and display applicable reference, rendering a similar level of detail. From set concepts, to location photos, concepts for props, costumes, vehicles and even product logos, the surrounding walls incorporate it all. These walls are very useful in helping us keep track of so many different elements.

Our sources from the WB tell us to expect more frequent updates on this new blog site including more video messages from helmer Zack Snyder. And what about getting a better look at some of those blurry production images? Well, Snyder writes,

I assure you that sometime in November I will post a series of first look photos to show you in more detail what we’ve been up to. Please stay tuned.

We will Zack. We most definately will.


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