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Exclusive Mason Auto Repair Photos: Part II

Stephen McHattie and Patrick Wilson filmed at a late night location shoot for Watchmen in New Westminster

It’s uncanny. The photos from the November 2nd Watchmen shoot (all of which can be seen from our Movie Photos page), that went well into the evening, show images that bear a strong resemblance to panels in the graphic novel.

The photos, taken by WatchmenComicMovie’s Katie, clearly show the familiar setting of Mason Auto Repair, and the exterior stairway that leads up to the home of retired “mask” Hollis Mason.

Both Patrick Wilson, who plays Dan Dreiberg aka Nite-Owl II, and Stephen McHattie, who plays the aforementioned Hollis Mason, aka NiteOwl I, were both on set for the evening’s shoot. Most of the action took place on the exterior stairway, where Wilson would speak to McHattie and then proceed down the stairs.

According to Katie, Patrick Wilson’s appearance looked a bit more modern than the Dan in the novel. He was wearing a brown trench coat and dark brown pants. His hair was more brown than blonde and was a bit thinner than the Dan in the novel.

A rain effects crane was used, although there was plenty of the real stuff last night in New Westminster. A PA explained, however, that they add some sort of gel to the “fake” rain so the camera will actually pick it up.

One other interesting piece of information that was gleaned by our source was that the New York backlot set being built at Bryne Street and Marine Drive is definitely not being used for the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. It’s all for Watchmen. But apparently Zack and the gang are not filming there for around two months or so.


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