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FX Companies Prepare for Watchmen

Visual effects houses “staffing up” after landing post-production gigs for Zack Snyder's film adaptation

Some digging around the Internet has uncovered the names of three visual effects houses that will be working on the upcoming Watchmen movie, and two of them are hiring.

Intelligent Creatures, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has done effects work for the films The Hunting Party, The Number 23 and Hairspray. According to a job posting on, they’re currently hiring for a CG Supervisor and a Digital Matte Painting Supervisor specifically for work on the upcoming Watchmen film. Could these be the folks who will bring us our CG Dr. Manhattan?

The special effects house Illusion Arts Digital has also posted on their web site that they will be working on Snyder’s adaptation. Their work includes effects for Constantine, Blood Diamond and the DVD re-release of Blade Runner: The Final Cut. When WatchmenComicMovie contacted them to talk about the gig, they declined to comment.

And finally, according to a press release, MPC (The Moving Picture Company) will be opening a studio in Vancouver this fall. In the release they state that they are “on the hunt for outstanding creative talent at all levels” to work with them on the Watchmen movie. MPC, whose main offices are in London, has done effects work for Narnia; Prince Caspian, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Fred Claus.

UPDATE: Since this article’s posting a representitive from MPC contacted WatchmenComicMovie to clarify that they will be carrying out work for the Watchmen movie under the MPC brand in the offices of Technicolor, and will not be opening their own office at this stage. MPC and Technicolor are both owned by Thompson, a worldwide digital video services company.


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