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Moloch Manor?

Exclusive photos show Vancouver residential building that was most likely used as location for villain’s home

On the heels of the news that Max Headroom actor Matt Frewer will be playing retired Watchmen villain Moloch the Mystic, WatchmenComicMovie’s “Mr. X” took some photos (all of which can be seen from our Movie Photos page) of a location that was most likely used for interiors of the character’s apartment.

Our source explained that the lone security guard didn’t have a call sheet, or know what scenes were going to be shot there on November 14th, but he knew the location was definitely being used for Snyder’s Watchmen film adaptation.

Now the only other tidbit Frewer’s manager blabbed about, other than his client getting the role, was the fact that the production was currently shooting Frewer’s scenes in Vancouver. So, you do the math.

Our source also noticed that all of the equipment cables were leading into a residential apartment building at Granville St. and 57th indicating that all of the action was likely taking place inside.

The two Watchmen characters that paid Moloch a visit in the graphic novel were costumed heroes Rorschach and The Comedian, played by Jackie Earl Haley and Jeffrey Dean Morgan respectively. If this location was used for the villain’s apartment we can assume those two actors were involved in the shoot as well.


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