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Alan Moore Visits Springfield

Watchmen creator lends voice, likeness for latest Simpsons episode

On Sunday, November 18th history was made: Alan Moore, author of Watchmen and many other seminal graphic novels, made an appearance on FOX Television’s The Simpsons.

When a new arrival in Springfield, voiced by Jack Black, competes with the “Comic Book Guy” by opening a more trendy and kid-friendly comic book store, he has comic writer legend Moore, along with Maus creator Art Spiegelman and Ghost World author Dan Clowes make an appearance to sign autographs.

When Bart tells Moore he only reads comics for the artwork and pal Milhouse asks him to sign his DVD of “Watchmen Babies” he rants, “You see what those bloody corporations do? They take your ideas and they suck them, suck them like leaches until they’ve gotten every last drop of the marrow from your bones!”

Later, when “Comic Book Guy” begins tearing up his new rival’s store, Moore and his colleagues tear off their shirts, transform into the “League of Extraordinary Freelancers,” and beat the ever-loving crap out of him.

The “League” makes one final appearance at the end of the episode when the three writers fly off to attend a benefit for underpaid comic book artists instead of saving Springfield from an approaching meteor.

To view a clip from the episode (before FOX has it removed from the Web) click here.

Source: FOX Television

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