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Animated “Black Freighter” story and “Under the Hood” segments may become a reality

First, Moviehole’s mysterious WB source spills the beans about film adaptation director Zack Snyder getting the dough to shoot the often discussed, seldom understood “Black Freighter” subplot to be included as a standalone extra on the movie’s DVD release.

Now, another WB “deep throat” is dishing out yet more inside information… on the “Black Freighter” subplot. This time, the mysterious source is telling CHUD that there is talk about doing the parallel pirate story as animation, and releasing it on DVD at the same time that Watchmen is in theaters. This eleventh hour switch from live action to animation may have been made to avoid the current WGA strike since animation writers belong to a different union.

Wait, it gets better (or worse, depending how you look at it). If you read the graphic novel, you know that each chapter, or issue, has supplemental material written to expand on the history and characters of the Watchmen universe. Well, now it seems that a 1960’s style news program is going to be filmed showing retired costumed hero Nite Owl I promoting his memoir “Under the Hood” and profiling his partners in crimefighting. This featurette will be an hour long and included as an extra on the movie’s DVD.

Now, how good is CHUD's WB source? Well, according to them, he’s “a damn good one.”


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