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Watchmen Extra Speaks

Anonymous background actor dishes details on the NYC backlot set, filmed scenes, actors, and more

If you take a look at a recent posting on Comic Related, a comic book news Web site, you can read the detailed story of one Watchmen extra, who calls herself “Cassandra Faust.”

There have been rumblings on the Internet since production has began on the upcoming Watchmen movie from people who claim to have been extras or from their “friends.” So what makes this one different? Details.

Now let me clear up right away that her story has not officially been confirmed as truth, but I felt it was definitely worth mentioning on this site because most of what she reports rings of truth. But I’ll let you decide for yourself if this is fact or fiction.

The mysterious extra gives us some insight on some of the buildings and set pieces we haven’t seen in the recently released backlot photos.

The first thing that caught my eye was the newsstand in front of the Institute For Extraspatial Studies. It looked exactly the way it appeared in the novel. Remembering the drawn streets from the comic, I turned to my left and there, across the street from the newsstand, was the Promethean Cab Company.

She also mentions the presence of the Gordian Knot Lock Company and the movie theater marquee with “The Day the Earth Stood Still” on it, which are also taken directly from the pages of Alan Moore’s graphic novel.

The scenes she says she was present for during filming include two unknown scenes - one with Stephen McHattie and one with Patrick Wilson and Malin Akerman, plus another scene where Walter Kovacs talks with the newsvendor. Of actor Jackie Earle Haley’s performance, she had this to say:

He gives the character a twilight zoney physicality. Rorschach moves to his own rhythms, clearly in a world of his own. The grungy, torn, brown suit and uncombed red hair, the crude sign, even his little green half-gloves all make a rather pathetic and tragic character which offsets his ruthless hero persona. Haley gives us a character who is truly lost. Without saying a word. A pitch perfect performance.

Another interesting detail she mentioned was the fact that the production team was testing a life size Owl-ship which hung from a crane, and that the crew “raised and lowered the ship, tilted it as if it were hovering and blew steam out of the bottom of it to portray hovering thrusters.”

For several more interesting details about this unknown extra’s visit to the Watchmen backlot, read the full article on the Comic Related Web site.

Source: Comic Related

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