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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks Watchmen

The Comedian discusses his costume, working with Snyder, and more

In a recent interview with Movies Online, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is cast in the upcoming Watchmen movie in the role of sanctioned government “masked” hero The Comedian, gave some details on how the production is going.

Its super huge man it is just mind boggling. Everyday I go to work on that thing and its sort of overwhelming. I don't think I have ever done anything that is quite like that before. We are shooting the New York set now and all i can say is its the most amazing set I have ever seen in my life.

He talked about just recently shooting a flashback scene on the backlot of the New York City Keane Riots, which citizens protest “masked” heroes and The Comedian gets to show the sadism his character is known for. But, according to Morgan, his character is a lot more than just violence:

But you don't hate him you know, so my job is to be able to do these fucking horrible things, yet have the audience not hate his guts. You read the book you don't hate The Comedian there is a reason he does what he does. He just takes it to a level most people wouldn't but for him its normal. The work I am doing on Watchmen is mind bending and physically just hard.

Morgan discusses his costume, explaining that it “stayed very true to the comic book, maybe a little bit updated” and has high praise for director Zack Snyder:

He is not only incredibly passionate in staying absolutely true to the graphic novel he is also like a little kid, I don't know where he gets his energy. We are putting in some long hours, allot of nights and everyday he's running around and smiling through all of it. He's just an amazing director, he's drawn out literally every frame of this movie before he shot it.

I don't think I have worked with anyone more prepared. He has a copy of the graphic novel in his hand all the time. It never comes out of his hand. He's constantly referring to it and will setup a shot looking at the graphic novel.

For more about Morgan’s experiences on the Watchmen set, read the full article on the Movies Online Web site.

Source: Movies Online

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