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Will Gerard Butler Get Marooned?

300 star still not sure if he’ll be a part of Watchmen pirate story

I can’t believe how much talk there is about the “Tales of the Black Freighter” pirate subplot. Maybe its because the inclusion of it in the movie adaptation is so frequently debated. Maybe its because there’s very little else to report about so early in the film’s production.

Well, it seems the discussion continues as 300 star Gerard Butler has brought it up again in a recent interview with Movies Online, a Canadian entertainment news Web site.

...that role has been on and off and on and off, and the funny thing is we haven’t even talk about it for a while but I keep hearing rumors, Zack’s going to give you a call, but I know he’s busy, but it’s like one minute the role was cut because of budget, then it was back in, then it was cut, so I keep hearing, ‘He’s going to call you, oh, maybe not. He’s going to call you.’ And then my stuntman who’s on my film, the one in New Mexico, just went up there, he just text me and said, ‘Oh Zack’s giving you a call because he wants you to do that role.’

For those of you who are hearing about all of this now, let me catch you up with what has happened so far. First we weren’t sure if it was even going to be produced. Director Zack Snyder told fans at the San Diego Comic-con earlier this year that he wanted to, but was waiting to hear from Warner Bros. if he could have the money to produce it. Then, at the end of October it was leaked that WB had given the greenlight to the pirate story and that it would be a special feature on the movie’s eventual DVD release.

Most recently, another un-confirmed rumor stated that Marooned would be produced as an animated feature and released on DVD independently at the same time Watchmen hit the theaters. So why all the confusion, Gerard?

I think right now they’re so caught up with the main body of the film that I guess they probably don’t even know if they’re going to do that or not, but if my schedule permits, because I don’t finish my film until the end of January, but I think they’re still going, so if it’s around and I do it, I’d love to go up there – it would be really cool to get back on a set with Zack.

For more from Gerard Butler, read the full article on the Movies Online Web site.

Source: Movies Online

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