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Watchmen Goodies on iTunes

Available starting today on iTunes at are an exclusive Watchmen film sequence, previously only shown at San Diego’s Comic-Con Convention, the Essential Watchmen app for iPhone and iPod touch, multiple behind-the-scenes video journal podcasts, film clips, trailers, and other features exploring the creation of the Watchmen Movie.

The iPhone app looks very cool and will include a “navigational hub” resembling Adrian Veidt’s bank of video monitors, a “Doomsday Clock” interactive movie release date countdown, wallpapers, monthly video journals and movie trailers, real time Watchmen news feed, and Watchmen Motion Comic Teasers.

Future app features include a “Rorschach Ink-Blot Manipulator” (whatever that is), additional wallpapers, videos and photos. The following are a few screenshots from the Watchmen iPhone app:

iPhone Watchmen App 1 iPhone Watchmen App 2
iPhone Watchmen App 3 iPhone Watchmen App 3

The long awaited San Diego Comic-Con footage has also been released exclusively on iTunes as well, which has quite a few shots that have still not been seen in any previously released footage or trailers.

Some of the more interesting shots include Dan sitting in front of his costume closet looking at The Comedian's smiley badge (a near perfect recreation of the iconic comic panel), Laurie pulling a tarp off of the Owl Ship, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger sitting in the War Room, Jon Osterman, Janey Slater and Wally Weaver playing games at an amusement park, Walter Kovacs as a young boy, Rorschach interrogating Moloch inside his fridge, Hollis Mason peeking through his apartment door, and Dollar Bill lying dead inside a revolving door.

The good news is that all of this content is free. The bad news is that you live outside of the U.S. you can’t access any of it. That latter fact has lots of international fans pretty peeved since they’re not sure why Warner Bros. can’t give them access to the same content, including the motion comics, which many are willing to pay for if they could only get them.

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