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Watchmen Holiday Contest!

Watchmen co-creator and illustrator Dave Gibbons has been a fan of this site for some time. He especially appreciates all of the fans that make a site like this thrive and keep the debate in the forums active.

So Dave wanted me to give all of the fans who visit this site a chance at a one-of-a-kind Watchmen item. Here's Dave to explain how it will work.

It’s been a good year for me, made all the better by the enthusiasm and interest I’ve enjoyed here on the WatchmenComicMovie website.

I’ve been quoted as saying that I thought the whole Watchmen experience had been like “fanboy Christmas”, so I thought it appropriate to celebrate that and to show my gratitude by giving one of you fanboys (or girls) a special Christmas gift.

One of the most collectible items produced in connection with the movie was the press kit put together by Paramount UK. If you haven’t read about it here already, here’s the skinny:

This press kit is one of a limited edition of 1000, and contains too many goodies to describe. For a full outline of what is included with photos of what everything looks like, take a look over here.

I’m going to give one of these kits to whoever answers this question the most accurately: How many pages does Alan Moore’s typescript for the Watchmen graphic novel run to?

Only one entry each and the competition closes on December 21, in time for you to receive the prize for the Holidays.

Good luck!

Dave Gibbons

How cool is that? Remember, only one entry per person is allowed so your first guess is what's going to be counted if you send more than one guess.

The correct answer is the number, under or over that is the closest to the actual amount of pages of Alan Moore's original typescript.

The winner will be announced on December 22, 2009.

To help you all figure out how many pages there are, Dave sent a long some scans of two of the pages for your review. Don't bother trying to Google the answer as Dave is the only one who knows the answer, and he's never actually counted all of the pages until now. Good luck!


We've reviewed all of the entries and have our winner, but before I announce who they are (like you're all not skipping down to see if it's you) here are the page counts for Alan Moore's original Watchmen typescript given to us by Dave Gibbons himself.

Issue 1: 91 pages
Issue 2: 90 pages
Issue 3: 100 pages
Issue 4: 84 pages
Issue 5: 106 pages
Issue 6: 91 pages
Issue 7: 111 pages
Issue 8: 110 pages
Issue 9: 53 pages
Issue 10: 65 pages
Issue 11: 78 pages
Issue 12: 53 pages

So that brings the total page count of the Watchmen script to 1,032 pages, with the longest issue being Chapter 7: A Brother To Dragons.

Our lucky winner is Elise K. from Lancaster, PA with a guess of 1,042 — only 10 pages off from the correct answer! Good going, Elise, and congratulations on winning the press kit!

Thanks you all for entering our holiday contest, and happy holidays!

A page from Alan Morre's original Watchmen typescript

A page from Alan Morre's original Watchmen typescript

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