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Actor discusses his character, reading the graphic novel, and Dave Gibbons’ reaction to the production

Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently took a break from playing sanctioned government “masked” hero The Comedian in the upcoming Watchmen movie to do some press for his latest film P.S. I love You. In an interview with, he had much to say about the Zack Snyder movie adaptation.

It’s so true to the book I can’t even begin to tell you how. Everything is so true to the book it’s insane. You can put anything that has been built for the Watchmen next to a panel in the book and it’ll trip you out. It’s amazing.

Good news for any true fan of the seminal graphic novel whose early script drafts have been less than faithful to the original text. But from all of the news that’s been coming from the set lately, it certainly appears that the graphic novel is being treated with the utmost respect.

I had heard of it, I’d never read it. I read it when I went in and met with Zack. They’re like, ‘We’re going to send you a script.’ Well, they didn’t send me a script, they sent me the book. And so that was my first introduction to it. I’ve since read it, since we started this thing, I don’t know, 20 times.

In the interview, Morgan commented on how impressed he was with the sets and called the New York City backlot that has been built in Vancouver for the movie “the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” But he’s not the only one impressed:

David Gibbons came up to the set – [the man] who illustrated it. Talk about a kid in a candy store. Seeing his face I think may have been kind of the highlight of the whole thing for me. Him seeing us in action, in costume, seeing the sets... It’s kind of like getting approval from your father. Since Alan’s kind of distanced himself from this at this point, David hasn’t and he’s been a big part of what’s going on. I mean, you know, his eyes welled up on seeing the sets.

Of course the “Alan” that Morgan mentions is Watchmen writer Alan Moore who has publicly distanced himself from the film and stated that he doesn’t want to be connected with the film’s production whatsoever. Many fans understand Moore’s position citing films like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell and V for Vendetta — three movie adaptations that bore little resemblance to Moore’s original writings and fell short for most fans. But perhaps this time it will be different. According to Morgan, director Zack Snyder, along with the rest of the cast and crew, are determined to get this one right and keep the fans smiling.

It’s just this… Zack stays on top of it. He’s always trolling these message boards. But there’s a couple websites that I visit and they’re sort of intimidating. You feel like there’s a bit of the weight of the world on your shoulders when this movie is going to come out. We all want to make everybody happy, which is a hard thing to do, for one. Two, I don’t even know if there is a two. You just want everybody to be frigging happy and you want to blow their minds. I think that’s what’s going to happen. I really am confident that Watchmen’s going to change the way people look at movies.

Good to see that you’re watching, Zack. All this fan can say is I like what I’ve been seeing so far and it’s been great reporting all of this good news.

For more about Morgan’s experiences on the Watchmen set, read the full article on the Web site.


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