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Watchmen director considered “Top 100 People of 2007” according to USA Today’s Pop Candy blog

It’s that time of year again when every journalist, commentator, and critic compiles their year end best and worst lists. And since it was a pretty slow day in the Watchmen world, I figured I’d post this bit of fluff.

Turns out that Whitney Matheson, editor of USA Today’s blog Pop Candy has placed Zack Snyder on her list of “Top 100 People of 2007.” Why? Primarily because from what she has seen and heard so far on Snyder’s Watchmen film adaptation, “it sounds like Snyder may know what he’s doing.” Alrighty.

Zack clocked in at number 42 and was sandwiched between Felecity's Keri Russell who placed at 41 and oddly coiffed No Country For Old Men star Javier Bardem who ranked at 43.

Other pop culture personalities that made Matheson’s list include Johnny Depp (51), Sarah Silverman (60), Iggy Pop (70), American Idol’s Sanjaya (79), Tom Petty (87), and Corey Feldman (100).

Want to know who made number one? Well, at the time of this article’s posting, she hasn't posted numbers 40 through 1 yet. According to Matheson, numbers 21-40 will be posted December 20th.

Source: USA Today

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