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Inside “Watching The Watchmen

If you didn’t get it as a holiday gift this year, now is the perfect time to go pick up a copy of Dave Gibbons’ new book “Watching The Watchmen.”

Described by publisher Titan Books as the “essential companion” to the original Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons comic series, the book gives fans an inside look at the creative process that brought Watchmen to life.

Designed by Mike Essl and Chip Kidd, “Watching The Watchmen” tells the story of the comic’s development with hundreds of sketches and photographs from illustrator Dave Gibbons’ archives.

Not only does the book contain pages of incredible concept art, page layouts and original Alan Moore script pages, but it also takes you through the story of the series’ creation with short but engaging essays by Gibbons himself as well as other big names involved in the comic’s genesis.

In a sea of new movie books and re-formatted comic editions, this volume stands out as the one “must own” book for Watchmen fans right next to the Absolute Edition.

In the following exclusive video, Watchmen illustrator and co-creator Dave Gibbons shows us some of the artwork from his new book and discusses what his process was in planning each page of the comic series...


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