Page two of the Alan Moore interviews covers interviews from 2006 back through 2001. If there is a particular Alan Moore interview that you think we need to include, feel free to send us the link.

Alan Moore Interviews

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Mustard Magazine Interview - Page 1

Alan Moore discusses Hollywood adaptations of his work, his resignation from DC Comics and how themes of time in his book Jerusalem are related to Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan. Unfortunately you need to buy the magazine to read the other eight pages.


The A.V. Club Interview

Alan Moore talks with Noel Murray about his controversial book Lost Girls, Moore’s tale of the real-world sexual experiences of some of the fantasy genre’s iconic females.


MTV Interview

Alan Moore talks about erotic graphic novel Lost Girls and why Watchmen should not be a film, and his converastion with Terry Gilliam on the subject.


Alan Moore “Culture Show” Video Interview

In this excellent six part video interview for BBC2, Alan Moore talks about V for Vendetta, his philosophy of great comic book writing and his home town of Northampton.


Watchmen: An Oral History

Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons with cameos by colorist John Higgins, screenwriters Sam Hamm and David Hayter and many others talk Watchmen on its 20th anniversary.


Alan Moore “Chain Reaction” Interview

Alan Moore is interviewed by Stewart Lee, the creator of the hit musical “Jerry Springer: The Opera,” on BBC Radio 4's program Chain Reaction. The following week, Alan Moore interviewed Roxy Music's Brian Eno.


The man who invented the future

Alan Moore talks with's Scott Hill about beheading, the diabolical power of the media, the Bush dynasty and the fall of Tony Blair.


Alan Moore - Mirror of Love

Alan Moore talks with Suicide Girls about his epic poem Mirror of Love and a photo shoot where a photographer wanted Alan and Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons to pretend to be Batman and Robin.


Snake Charmer: An Interview with Alan Moore Part One

Alan Moore talks with Ninth Art about sorcery, opera, psycho-geography, dedicating his life to magic, and starting his performance art troupe “The Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels.”


Snake Charmer: An Interview with Alan Moore Part Two

Alan Moore talks with Ninth Art about urban legends, collaborating with Eddie Campbell and Jose Villarubia, and the end of his comics career.


The Craft: An Interview with Alan Moore

Alan Moore talks with Daniel Whiston about everything from his books Big Numbers to Voice of the Fire to Watchmen character Rorschach's “death wish.”


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