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Watchmen, Issue 1

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Watchmen No. 1

At Midnight, All the Agents…

Release Date: September 1986

October 12 , 1985. Two police detectives investigate the murder of Edward Blake who was forced out of his apartment window by an unknown assailant.

Rorschach, a former costumed hero turned vigilante, investigates the crime scene after the police leave and discovers that Edward Blake was the secret identity of a government sponsored “mask” named The Comedian.

Dan Drieberg, aka The Nite-Owl, returns from a social call with long retired costumed hero Hollis Mason, the original Nite-Owl, to find Rorschach has broken into his apartment.

Rorschach with The Comedian's blood-stained smiley face badge

Rorschach informs Dreiberg that The Comedian was murdered and that he suspects it’s part of a bigger plot to kill off other former heroes. Dreiberg tells Rorschach that he’s just being paranoid.

After unsuccessfully interrogating some locals for leads on the crime, Rorschach pays a visit to former costumed heroes billionaire Adrian “Ozymandias” Veidt, Jon “Dr. Manhattan” Osterman, and Laurie “The Silk Spectre” Juspeczyk, to warn them about the “mask” killer as well. None of them take him seriously, either.

As Rorschach wanders the streets of New York pondering the murder, Dan and Laurie meet for a late night dinner and reminisce about the good old days as costumed heroes.

Closing Quotation: “At midnight, all the agents and superhuman crew go out and round up everyone who knows more than they do.” - Desolation Row by Bob Dylan.

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