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Watchmen, Issue 2

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Watchmen No. 2

Absent Friends

Release Date: October 1986

Instead of attending Edward Blake’s funeral, Laurie visits her mother, Sally Jupiter, the first Silk Spectre, at her retirement home in California. Sally remembers the night The Comedian attempted to rape her after the first photo shoot of “The Minutemen,” the first costumed hero organization. As The Comedian starts to sexually assault Sally, fellow hero Hooded Justice interrupts and attacks The Comedian.

Back at the funeral, Adrian Veidt, Dan Dreiberg and Jon Osterman pay their respects. Veidt recalls the failed proposal of organizing “The Crimebusters,” a second costumed heroes league. The Comedian speaks out to say that such an organization would be pointless since in less than thirty years, nuclear war would destroy the world.

Dr. Manhattan remembers an encounter on the last day of the Vietnam War. The Comedian is approached by a Vietnamese woman who is carrying his child. They argue, and the woman attacks The Comedian with a broken bottle, leaving a large scar on the right side of his face. The Comedian guns her down, and Dr. Manhattan, who witnesses the entire conflict doesn’t intervene.

Veidt, Osterman and Dreiberg at The Comedian's funeral

Dan Dreiberg thinks about his time spent with The Comedian during riots caused by a protest, where The Comedian seems to enjoy repelling the angry mob.

October 16, 1985. When Rorschach sees former costumed villain Moloch leaving Blake’s funeral, he questions him about The Comedian’s death. Moloch describes The Comedian visiting him while drunk late one night, nearly a week before his death. He appears to be worried, fearful and saddened, mentioning vague activities taking place on an island full of scientists, artists and writers. He also accuses Moloch of being “part of it” because he saw Moloch’s name on a “list.” After hearing this, Rorschach visits the grave of Edward Blake and pays his last respects.

Closing Quotation: “And I’m up while the dawn is breaking, even though my heart is aching. I should be drinking a toast to absent friends instead of these comedians.” - The Comedians by Elvis Costello

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