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Watchmen, Issue 3

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Watchmen No. 3

The Judge of All the Earth

Release Date: November 1986

Laurie argues with Dr. Manhattan about him becoming more distant to her. She storms out to go see Dan while Dr. Manhattan prepares for a rare public appearance on a television talk show.

Laurie arrives at Dan’s apartment and starts venting her relationship problems. While out walking, the two head down a dark alley and are attacked by a “knot-top” gang. Their old crime fighting training kicks in and they make short work of the attackers.

Meanwhile, back at the talk show, a reporter from the Nova Express accuses Dr. Manhattan of giving cancer to individuals who had been close to him. When the issue is pressed by the media, Dr. Manhattan becomes angered, and in a psychic outburst, he teleports everyone in the television studio into a nearby parking lot. The story causes the media to go crazy.

Dr. Manhattan on Mars

Feeling that his continued presence on earth would be harmful to humans around him, Dr. Manhattan decides to leave for Mars. He then teleports himself to an abandoned shack, taking a photograph of a man and a woman at a carnival. After studying it briefly, he teleports himself to Mars.

His departure makes headlines across the media, as Russia invades Afghanistan, a possible precursor to a nuclear war.

Closing Quotation: “Shall not the Judge of all the Earth do right?” - Genesis, Chapter 18, Verse 25

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