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Watchmen, Issue 5

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Watchmen No. 5

Fearful Symmetry

Release Date: January 1987

Rorschach returns to the home of Moloch to question him some more about The Comedian’s visit. Rorschach suggests that the aforementioned “list” was related to the press allegations that Dr. Manhattan has given cancer to many of his close friends since Janey Slater's name was on it too. Realizing that Moloch is not involved in this plan, Rorschach leaves, but tells Moloch of a “drop point” where he can leave a message if he remembers anything.

Meanwhile a man fearing nuclear holocaust has murdered his two children before taking his own life, and talk of Armageddon is everywhere.

At a diner, Dan invites Laurie to live with him after Jon’s disappearance prompts her eviction from military housing. Rorschach, who ventures outside without his mask to watch the “drop point” in case there’s a message, sees Dan and Laurie leaving the diner.

Rorschach surprises Moloch

Adrian Veidt walks to a meeting, discussing ideas of morbidity, death and an afterlife with his secretary. After his secretary is shot, Veidt assaults the attacker who eventually bites into a suicide capsule and quickly dies.

Responding to a note found at his “drop point,” Rorschach returns to Moloch’s apartment to find him murdered. A bullhorn from outside commands Rorschach to come out and surrender. The police are outside. Rorschach attempts to escape by jumping out of a window but is injured and taken into custody.

Closing Quotation: “Tyger, Tyger/burning bright, In the forests/of the night, What immortal hand or eye/Could frame thy fearful symmetry?” - The Tyger by William Blake

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