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Watchmen, Issue 8

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Watchmen No. 8

Old Ghosts

Release Date: April 1987

When Hollis Mason sees reports of the tenement rescue on the news, he calls his old partner in crime fighting Sally Jupiter to relay the story.

Back at the basement hideout, Dan and Laurie investigate the possibility that Dr. Manhattan’s choice to exile himself was carefully orchestrated as part of a bigger conspiracy. Dan realizes more then ever, breaking Rorschach out of prison is imperative, since he might have information that could help them uncover what has been going on.

Later, a police detective stops by Dan’s apartment. He drops hints that he knows Dan is the Nite-Owl and has been in contact with Rorschach and Laurie. Dan understands now that they have to act quickly to get Rorschach free.

Somewhere on an island, missing comic book writer Max Shea and painter Hira Manish discuss an odd squid-like creature Manish is sketching that appears under a tarp, being prepped to be transported, on the beach in the distance.

Nite-Owl and The Silk Spectre break Rorschach out of prison

Dan and Laurie head off in “Archie” to go spring Rorschach from prison where a riot has broken out. Rorschach calmly dispatches some old enemies who have broken into his cell to kill him. The three heroes are reunited and hurry off in Dan's Owl-ship.

While regrouping back at Dan’s apartment, Dr. Manhattan appears out of nowhere and asks Laurie to come with him to Mars for an important conversation. The two teleport away, as Dan and Rorschach flee the apartment with the police on their heels.

The news of Rorschach’s escape angers and frightens a gang of “knot-tops” who decide to go take their frustrations out on Hollis Mason, thinking that he is the Nite-Owl the news reported that helped break Rorschach out. The gang forces their way into Mason’s apartment and beats him to death.

Closing Quotation: “On Hallowe'en the old ghosts come about us, and they speak to some; to others they are dumb.” - Hallowe'en by Eleanor Farjeon

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