Looking for Watchmen movie photos? Here you will find production stills, cast and crew photos and any other Watchmen related photos we think you will find interesting.

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Exclusive EW Comedian Photo

EW Comedian Photo

Entertainment Weekly posted some exclusive photos as a part of their first look at “12 Big Movie Coming in 2009.” One of the photos was a shot of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian posing during the Keane Riots scene. The photo was a slight variation from one released in July 2008 in Empire Magazine.


SET Magazine Covers

The September 2008 issue of the Brazilian movie magazine SET features four collectable Watchmen covers with portraits of Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan, Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach, Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre II, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian.


SET Cover 1 SET Cover 2 SET Cover 3 SET Cover 4

Tenement Fire VFX Photos

Photos showing the Watchmen movie effects team working on some shots for the scene where Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre II use the Owlship to rescue civilians from a tenement fire. Where did they come from? I don't know, but they certainly look legit. An Owlship model can be clearly seen at the top of the third photo.


Tenement Fire 1 Tenement Fire 2 Tenement Fire 3  

Nite Owl II's Prop Photos

Some of Nite Owl II's crime fighter gear, including a throwing weapon that looks a lot like a shuriken, and a handheld control unit that is likely the remote to the Owlship. It's not known how, and if, these props will even be seen or used in the finished film.


Nite Owl II Props 1 Nite Owl II Props 2 Nite Owl II Props 3 Nite Owl II Props 4
  Nite Owl II Props 5 Nite Owl II Props 6  

Zack Snyder’s Owl Chamber Photos got yet another photo exclusive on the same day that the 5th video journal broke. The photos, which which were some very artsy shots of the Owl Chamber set and various angles of the Owlship, accompanied a creative blog entry by Watchmen production designer Alex McDowell.


Owl Chamber 1 Owl Chamber 2 Owl Chamber 3 Owl Chamber 4
Owl Chamber 5 Owl Chamber 6 Owl Chamber 7  

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