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If you’re old enough and were one of the throngs of misunderstood teenagers who played roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons and Battletech, you might remember the Watchmen roleplaying game supplements. I was, and I do. So grab your twenty sided die and character sheet and read on.

Roleplaying Adventure Modules

“Who Watches the Watchmen?” Roleplaying Module

In 1987, Mayfair Games produced two adventure modules and one supplemental based on Watchmen for its DC Heroes roleplaying game. These modules, entitled “Who Watches the Watchmen?” and “Taking out the Trash,” included background information about the fictional Watchmen universe, approved by Alan Moore.

“Who Watches the Watchmen?” was a pre-Keane Act adventure module which contained complete statistics for the Watchmen characters. This supplement also included original artwork by Dave Gibbons for some of its secondary characters.

“Taking out the Trash” Roleplaying Module

“Taking Out The Trash,” the second adventure module, included an eight page pull-out sourcebook featuring “Veidt’s Plan for World Peace and Unification,” statistics and background details for the Minutemen, and a “Watchmen Chronology: 1938-1985.” It also included “The World of the Watchmen,” an essay co-written by Alan Moore, which gave a capsule history of the characters and world, including information not given in the comic mini-series.

Moore’s approval made these publications valuable to fans as the only outside source of supplemental information about the characters in the story, especially minor characters, such as the Minutemen and Moloch.

Because this information is partially written by Moore and not in disagreement with anything in the series, some consider it partially canonical. Unfortunately, sections of these supplements contained several minor errors and some dates for events of the series itself were also incorrect.

Watchmen Miniatures

In 1987, Grenadier Miniatures produced a metal figure set of Watchmen miniatures to be used exclusively with the DC Heroes roleplaying game. The Watchmen metal figure set included tiny lead miniatures of The Comedian, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Ozymandias, Rorschach, Captain Metropolis, Dr. Manhattan, Hooded Justice, Moloch, and the Archimedes ship. Imagine how cool a fully painted set would look.

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Watchmen Sourcebook

Watchmen Sourcebook

Published in 1990, this 128 page Watchmen Sourcebook was presented in the same style as the comic mini-series, where the readers progressively piece together the story as they go along.

Its “scrapbook” format provided additional background information on the Watchmen universe and its characters including newspaper articles, movie scripts, letters to and from family members of the heroes, and friends of the Watchmen and Minutemen.

I'm not sure if the material provided in this book was approved by Alan Moore, but since it is on record that the rift between Moore and DC took place years before this book’s release, we can assume that it was not.